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Law Enforcement Training Advisory Commission
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Board Members

The Executive Board will consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary.
(The immediate past Chairman shall also serve on this board, but shall have no voting privileges).
Member Name Department
Chief Vernon Foli
Advisory Board Chairman

Chatham Police Department
117 E. Mulberry
Chatham, IL 62629
Chief Paul Adams
Advisory Board Vice Chairman

Lincoln Police Department
911 Pekin
Lincoln, IL 62656
Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp, Proxy Chief Deputy Bruce Engeling
Advisory Board Treasurer

301 W. Franklin, PO Box 678
Taylorville, IL 62658
Chief Gregory Wheeler
Advisory Board Secretary

Warrensburg Police Department
PO Box 350
Warrensburg, IL 62573
Director Bob Crouch
Mobile Team Unit Director

840 S. Spring Street, Suite B
Springfield, IL 62704
Currently Vacant
DeWitt County Representative

Chief Daniel Bland
Christian County Representative

Pana Police Department
118 E. 3rd Street
Pana, IL 62557
Sheriff Paul Gann
Mason County Representative

102 W. Market St.
Havana, IL 62644
Currently Vacant
Logan County Representative

Chief John Jones
Menard County Representative

Petersburg Police Department
122 S. 6th St., PO Box 139
Petersburg, IL 62675
Chief Bill Kenny
Montgomery County Representative

22 S. Cedar St.
Nokomis, IL 62075
Sheriff Jack Campbell, Proxy Chief Deputy Cheryllynn Williams
Sangamon County Representative

Sangamon County Sheriff's Department
#1 Sheriff's Plaza
Springfield, IL 62701
Sheriff Antonio Brown, Proxy Sgt. Roger Pope
Macon County Representative

333 S. Franklin St.
Decatur, IL 62523
Chief James Lawley
At-Large Member

1200 Riverton Road
Riverton, IL 62561
Chief Greg Damarin
At-Large Member

SIU School of Medicine Police Department
801 N. Rutledge, Room 1085
Springfield, IL 62702
Chief Kenny Winslow, Proxy DC Shawn Handlin
At-Large Member

Springfield Police Department
800 E. Monroe
Springfield, IL 62701
Chief Dwayne Wheeler
At-Large Member

Taylorville Police Department
108 W. Vine
Taylorville, IL 62568
Chief Jason Martin
At-Large Member

Divernon Police Department
50 E. Brown
Divernon, IL 62530
Chief Dave Campbell
At-Large Member

Auburn Police Department
324 W. Jefferson
Auburn, IL 62615
Chief James Getz , Proxy DC Shane Brandel
At-Large Member

Decatur Police Department
707 South Side Drive
Decatur, IL 62521-4021

Immediate Past Chairman

Mr. Patrick Hahn, ASSIST Manager
ILETSB Advisory Board Representative

ILETSB Advisory Board Representative
4500 S. Sixth St. Road, Room 173
Springfield, IL 62703