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Registration in all of our classes is restricted to public sector law enforcement officers only.

Full-time and Part-time sworn law enforcement officers from MTU #10 local member departments will be given registration preference until seven (7) calendar days prior to the class date. After that date, registrations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis unless specified otherwise in the course announcement. (The following are NOT from MTU #10 local member departments: state or federal officers, officers from local departments not up to date on their annual assessment, or officers of any kind from outside of MTU #10's eight county geographical area.) These officers, may be "bumped" from class registration in favor of MTU #10 local member officers at any time until 7 days prior to the class date.

All registrations must be approved by the Chief, Sheriff, Training Officer, or head of your department. THIS MEANS YOU CAN NOT REGISTER YOURSELF FOR TRAINING - YOU MUST GO THROUGH YOUR CHIEF, SHERIFF, or TRAINING OFFICER. All registrations must be approved by your department, even if you are attending on your own time.

In order to share the burden of the expense of the training courses provided by MTU #10, Non-Member tuition will be charged to attend MTU #10 classes.  Non-Member tuition shall apply to officers from State/Federal agencies, and officers from Local Law Enforcement agencies which are not a member of any MTU.  Tuition amount will be determined on a class-by-class basis, not to drop below current MTU #10 Membership Assessment fee for each day of training. 

Non-Member tuition amounts will be clearly noted on all course announcements.

Tuition will be invoiced to departments upon course completion.

MTU #10 recognizes that, on occasion, agencies must cancel their planned attendance at LETAC training programs.  However, we also need to protect our oftentimes considerable contractual expenses and related investments in training.  "No shows" at LETAC training programs can have a negative effect on cash flow and can reduce much needed training revenue.  This lost revenue can never be recouped.

Most importantly, "no shows" mean an actual, calculable loss of access to LETAC training on the part of member departments.  Spots at training courses are finite, and determined by the type of class and the size and characteristics of the training facility.  "No shows" waste those spots and wasted spots can never be recovered.

It is imperative that sufficient notice of such cancellations be provided to LETAC.  In order to insure that neither space at our training programs nor our financial resources get wasted, we can replace the cancellation with a name from the standby list, or if need be, cancel the training course.

Therefore, LETAC, MTU #10 has instituted a No Show/Cancellation Fee of $50.00 to be invoiced to member agencies/non-member agencies within a week of an officer’s absence from a training course in which he/she was registered.   If an agency is unable to provide advance notice of its intent to cancel course registration because of circumstances beyond its control, the Director will have the discretion to waive this payment. Any requests to waive No Show/Cancellation Fee must be made to the Director in writing.

LETAC has established a fair and equitable tuition refund policy to protect its interests while causing no undue hardship on its member and non-member departments.

If a pre-registered student from a Non-Member agency fails to attend a LETAC program, and the agency fails to provide advance notice within 7 days of the start date of that class, the agency will be invoiced the entire amount of the student's tuition.

If a pre-registered student from a Member agency fails to attend a LETAC program with an established Member tuition fee, and the agency fails to provide advance notice within 7 days of the start date of that class, that agency will be invoiced the entire amount of the student's tuition.

If an agency is unable to provide advance notice of its intent to cancel course registration because of circumstances beyond its control, the Director will have the discretion to waive the payment of tuition fees.  Any requests to waive tuition must be made to the Director in writing.

If any tuition payment reaches 90 days past due, that agency will be required to pre-pay for all future registrations.  If any tuition payment reaches 150 days past due, that agency will have all training privileges through MTU #10 suspended.

attending firearms training through MTU #10 will be required to submit a photocopy of their valid FOID card upon registration IF the weapon they will be using is personally owned. This requirement does not apply to those officers whose weapons are supplied by their department.

Due to limited class size and the need to allow plenty of practice time and individual range master attention for class participants, the MTU #10 Advisory Board has implemented the following policy:
Only member departments from MTU #10 will be permitted to enroll officers in Mandatory Firearms courses offered by LETAC. As an exception, Part-time officers from outside of MTU #10’s geographical boundaries may be allowed to enroll if another MFT is not being offered in their local MTU prior to the start of the next Academy.  All others should contact their local MTU to meet their departmental MFT needs.

Due to the considerable expense involved in bringing Instructor Trainer courses to MTU #10, it is the policy of the MTU #10 Advisory Board that all member officers trained as an instructor in any subject, by a Train the Trainer course hosted by MTU #10, shall be required to sign an agreement stating that they will conduct a minimum of two courses during the two years immediately following the trainer course, at no cost to the MTU. This training can be conducted through MTU 10, or as departmental in-service training at the officer's own department.  Completion and submission of MTU #10 course paperwork is required for these subsequent courses. Failure to comply with the terms of this agreement will result in loss of privileges to attend future Train-the-Trainer courses without payment of non-member tuition.  This policy does not apply to non-member officers paying tuition to attend the training.  If the member student/department chooses not to accept and sign this instructor agreement, they will be given the option of paying the non-member tuition fee to attend or withdrawing their registration in the course.

Any opinions expressed during training sessions, outside of the curriculum, are exclusively those of the individual instructor or student, and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, attitudes, and/or opinions of the Law Enforcement Training Advisory Commission Advisory Board and/or Staff.

Please bear in mind that while attending training, you are in an academic setting. Therefore, it is expected that ideas, opinions, and real-life examples may be used as an aide in emphasizing the learning objective to students. The classroom should be considered a "safe zone" where all discussions and conversations should remain confidential. Students should feel safe to ask questions and "kick around" ideas in this setting.

It is not the intention to criticize or offend anyone either in the classroom, or in the community. However, there may be times when a comment is made which might be interpreted by some as offensive. We ask that you bear in mind that hindsight is 20/20, and that lessons are often learned by dissecting and evaluating the actions of ourselves and others which may have contributed to an avoidable situation. Using these kinds of examples is invaluable to the learning process. Please remember that real life examples are used as a learning tool, and not as a personal commentary or criticism of the event and/or those involved.

By statute, the Mobile Team Units in Illinois were created to specifically provide continuing in-service training to local governmental law enforcement officers. Therefore, our training budgets must be used to specifically train LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL law enforcement officers. This is why officers from State and Federal Departments are considered non-members.  The State of Illinois is divided into 13 separate Mobile Team Units (MTU's), each providing in-service training to the local governmental law enforcement agencies within its geographical boundaries. To support the local MTU, the local governmental law enforcement agencies in each region must pay an annual assessment fee to continue "membership" to that region. (This fee, and the way it is assessed, is dictated by the MTU Advisory Board, and varies greatly from one MTU to another.)  Each MTU must work within its annual budget to provide the training specifically needed in their region. Training needs vary from region to region, and year to year. This is why the training offered in each MTU varies also. Each MTU Director and his/her Advisory Board work together to utilize the MTU's budget to best meet the training needs of the officers within their respective geographic boundaries.


We make every effort to avoid cancelling classes with less than two weeks notice.  However, while it is rare, there are times, due to some unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather or instructor emergency, it becomes necessary for us to cancel a class on very short notice. Because of this, it is important that we have valid contact information for each officer registered to attend class. Please make sure to include an Email address and/or cell phone number at which THE OFFICER ENROLLED can be reached in case of last minute cancellation. We will make contact with those officers who have been pre-registered in training, provided we have sufficient contact information available. JUST IN CASE, it is always suggested that you check our Facebook or Twitter page to see if the course is still being held. Thank you for your understanding and assistance with this matter.