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The Best Backup: Family Transitions in Law Enforcement

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Date: Friday, December 06, 2019
Registration Deadline: Monday, December 02, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Instructor Location:
Northfield Conference Center
3280 Northfield Drive
Springfield, IL 62702
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Instructor: Breach Point
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Course Synopsis: In a chaotic and unpredictable world of plummeting moral standards our nation s officers are facing stressors that can have predictable and profoundly negative impact upon their lives, careers and families. This 4-hour seminar will assist those attending in gaining a distinctly different perspective on the unique and potentially problematic consequences of performing well within a law enforcement culture. Officers, and their significant others will reflect upon the traumas and triumphs associated with modern law enforcement, and how these influence the pivotal balance between professional and personal relationships. Kent Williams who is an experienced law enforcement executive and educator and is the owner of Breach Point Consulting will guide law enforcement personnel and their significant others in understanding a variety of best practice approaches in addressing these issues.

A theme of personal leadership will run throughout this seminar as those attending will have ample chance to reflect upon the universal journey of a vocation spent in law enforcement. This seminar will provide a new set of skills designed to assist contemporary knights and their family members maintain a balanced, meaningful and rewarding lifestyle, while gaining a profound understanding of the nobility found in their servant s spirit. The principles taught during this seminar have been assisting officers create a deeper more meaningful vocation in policing while developing a harmonious and rewarding personal life away from their career. His work on the predictable transitional issues confronting the police officer s family has led to numerous speaking engagements throughout the nation designed to keep the family of a police officer emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Topics will include:Instructor: Breach Point Consulting is dedicated to insuring that police officers from all ranks and responsibilities, along with their family members remain strong physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Kent Williams is the owner of Breach Point Consulting and has been involved in law enforcement as a police officer for over 27 years, where he presently serves as Chief of Police for a Chicago area police department. He is the 2-term President of the Northern Illinois Critical Incident Stress Management Team where he has served as a peer supporter for 14 years. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, University of Southern California's Delinquency Control Institute, and the Police Executive Research Forum s Senior Management Institute for Police, at Boston University. He served as a Tactical Commander on a regional SWAT team serving 60 Chicago collar communities. He has taught extensively on various courses related to leadership and organizational change. Additionally he has taught for over 24 years on topics including use of force, weapons and tactics

Most recently through the development of Breach Point Consulting he has launched several courses being taught on a national level, based upon the principles of Servant Leadership and how simple shifts in organizational perspective can profoundly reduce the stress, frustration and open anger expressed throughout the typical law enforcement agency. At very little cost to a police organization Chief Williams has been teaching leaders how to negate the toxic work climate which can be caused by what he has termed "The Universal Police Frustrations". These misunderstood stressors are created by the unique combination of an effective police personality coupled with an efficient police culture. The mix if not fully understood can be very destructive to an agency s morale and reputation. Additionally, it predictably places officers at risk for failed careers, marriages and relationships. He sums this situation up by calling it "The Caustic Risks of Performing Well in Law Enforcement".

These efforts have led to ground breaking ways police agencies can create healthier more productive and loyal work groups who remain highly dedicated throughout their careers. These same principles have been assisting officers themselves create a deeper more meaningful vocation in policing and developing a harmonious and rewarding personal life away from their career. His work on the predictable transitional issues confronting the police officer s family has led to numerous speaking engagements designed to keep the family of a police officer emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Chief Williams lives in Illinois with his wife and three children. He holds a Bachelor s Degree in Criminal Justice Management from Aurora University, and a Master s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Judson University.

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